About Me


My name is Hideo Hattori. Live in Hyogo, Japan. I'm a Software Engineer. I use C, C++, Python, Go, Rust. My interest are Programming Language, System Programming, Cloud Native Computing, Web development and System tools.

About This Site

I write down Programming, Travel , Trekking , Cooking , Cycling Game and more ...


My projects

  • peg-rst - reStructuredText in C.
  • kamasu - HTTP Proxy for PHP Built-in Server, written in Rust.
  • woothee-rust - Rust user-agent strings parser.
  • gorst - Go implementation of reStructuredText.
  • pgmagick - pgmagick is a yet another boost.python based wrapper for GraphicsMagick/ImageMagick.
  • autopep8 - A tool that automatically formats Python code to conform to the PEP 8 style guide.
  • pyprof2html - Python cProfile and hotshot profile's data to HTML Converter.
  • genzshcomp - Automatic generated to zsh completion function, for Python's Option Parser Modules.


  • twitter
  • mail to hhatto.jp at gmail dot com


Everything in these posts is my own personal opinion and does not represent the position of my employer.